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LSGBA Basketball Programs

LSGBA offers traveling basketball for players in grades 4-8.  The traveling season runs from late October until early March. Traveling fees range from approximately $300 to $450 depending upon how many tournaments a team is entered into and whether or not the team has a paid coach.  Traveling fees will be determined after tryouts results are posted and teams are registered for tournaments. 

Rochester Hotel Info:

Announcement - Action Required
Hotel rooms for Rochester - November 22 & 23, 2019:

We have switched from playing in Rochester at the end of the season to playing at the beginning of the season.  This made it necessary to find a new place to stay.  There are not many places that have 90 plus rooms available for a group our size.  We were lucky enough to find one place that can accommodate all of us.
We will all be staying at The Kahler Grand Hotel in downtown Rochester.
We have locked in enough rooms on hold so that everyone has a hotel room in Rochester for Friday and Saturday nights - you just need to call and secure a room with your credit card.  NO need to panic!  I suggest booking both nights until you see the tournament schedule.

A few requests to follow when booking your room.  
PLEASE follow these instructions:
** If you want a room:
         * Prior to October 29 call Sayha at 507-285-2750 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Mon thu Fri with your daughter's confirmation number (from the attached list).  She will change the room to your name and take your credit card info and email address.  (If you have daughters on different teams, choose which confirmation number to use and let me know the one you are not using).  If you get her vm leave your name and number and she will call you back.
         *  Initially only book 1 room for your family so that everyone gets a room.  If you need a 2nd room send me an email and I will do my best to help you out.  I am expecting a few extra rooms to become available.
** If you DO NOT want a room:
         * You Do Not Need to contact the Kahler - however EMAIL ME and let me know - I can use your room for those who need a 2nd room.

*** IMPORTANT:   By October 29 you need to call and book a room with your credit card number.
Room Details:
  Standard 2 Double Room    Group Rate of $109 per night plus applicable taxes
       Parking at a Group Rate of $16 per night
 Please be patient.  Any questions or issues contact me.  
Thank You!!!!

John Barta



Please contact the traveling director with any questions regarding the traveling program.