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Volunteer Opportunities

The tremendous amount of success of the Lakeville South Girls Basketball program is due to the many volunteers who donate their time.  LSGBA provides a great basketball experience for 200+ players at a very affordable price.  There are many opportunities to get involved!  Please reach out to a board member today if you are interested in helping shape the basketball future of our Lakeville South Cougars. 


Interested in Volunteering?

Many positions don't require basketball knowledge and some do not even require membership on the board.  Some of the positions have historically been done by one person, but could be split up into 2 or 3 positions if you are interested in one aspect of a position.

Our volunteers help with coaching, games, referees, as well as organizing tournaments, supervising tournament sites, concessions, and clinics.  A volunteer places orders for all the uniforms, awards, and equipment.  Even this web page is maintained by volunteers.

We especially need help from our Traveling Team Parents for the girls' tournament that we host in January.  All traveling player's parents are expected to help.  Some areas we need help are concessions, the gate, site supervisor, and more.  We have multiple locations to staff over a Saturday and Sunday, so we need lots of volunteers.  Your help is appreciated.

If you can step up and help out the girls, even just for a few hours, please contact a member of the LSGBA Boards for more information.