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Traveling Basketball FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the cost of traveling basketball?

Traveling fees range from approximately $300 to $350 depending upon how many tournaments a team is entered into and whether or not the team has a paid coach.  There is also a tryout fee of $50 at the time of tryouts that will be applied to the total amount of traveling fees if the player is selected for a traveling team or in the event the player is not selected for a traveling team the tryout fee can be applied to the in-house registration fees or refunded.

Q: How many tournaments/games do traveling teams play?

4th grade teams typically play 8 to 9 tournaments per season. 5th through 8th grade will play 8 to 10 tournaments.

Q: How much travel is involved?

Most tournaments are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and most, in fact, are in the South Metro. There is usually one out of town tournament per season, i.e. Rochester, MN. The State tournament location is determined by MYAS and will be posted in the weeks prior to the state tournament that is held in early March.

Q: How often do teams practice?

Teams normally practice two times per week (1 hour to 1 1/2 hours per practice). Occasionally, teams will practice more or less depending upon the tournament schedule and gym availability.

Q: Where do teams practice?

Teams normally practice at Lakeville South High School or one of the Lakeville middle schools such as McGuire or Kenwood. Occasionally, teams may practice at an elementary school or off-site practice location due to gym availability constraints.

Q: Is there a set practice schedule? When are practices?

Unfortunately, no. Traveling basketball must share the practice facilities with a number of other sports. Therefore, it is not practical to schedule practices for the season in advance. Typically, practices are scheduled in one or two week blocks subject to gym availability, team and coach preference, etc. The Association attempts to schedule all practices on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays between the hours of 5pm and 9:30pm. Wednesdays and Fridays are avoided in deference to religion classes and family time. Gym times on Wednesdays or Fridays are usually available if a team desires. Gym times will be provided to the coaches as they become available and the coaches will communicate practice times to their respective teams.

Q: How long is the traveling season?

Tryouts will be held in early to mid September. The traveling season begins with practices scheduled in mid to late October. The first tournament of the season is typically in early to mid- November. The season concludes with the State tournament in early March.

Q: When are traveling tryouts?

Traveling tryouts are usually held the second week in September. Check the website for exact dates.

Q: How are traveling teams selected?
Players are put through a series of drills and scrimmages designed to demonstrate their skill level.

A group on independent evaluators rank the players based on their performance in the tryouts. Teams are then formed based on the skill level of the players with consideration given to the number of participants at a given age level. Our Association is still growing in numbers and every effort is made to provide an opportunity for all players interested in participating in traveling basketball. Parents and coaches are not allowed in the gym during tryouts.

Q: How many players are typically selected for a team?

Every effort is made so that all traveling teams will have no fewer than 8 players and no more than 10 players, unless otherwise determined by the Association.  In no event will a traveling "A" team have more than 10 players.

Q: How are traveling team coaches selected?

Interested coaches can submit an application that is posted on the website. The applications are reviewed by the Association and coaches are selected based upon coaching experience, parent and player feedback, etc. The Association attempts to select qualified, volunteer coaches whenever possible. If no qualified applicants are available the Association will hire a coach and this expense will be added to the team fees. All coaches must agree to a background check performed by third party to be eligible to coach a traveling team.

Q: Does the Association provide additional basketball training opportunities?

Yes, the Association typically provides basketball skill clinics or training via outside providers during the course of the season. There are no additional fees. These clinics are aimed at improving the skills of the traveling players in addition to providing training to our volunteer coaches. The high school staff runs basketball camps during the summer and there are many options for additional skills developments. See the website for a listing of some of the options available.

Q: What is the Association's policy regarding equal playing time?

LSGBA will provide a minimum of 10 minutes of playing time to each participant in every tournament game. Although this allows for coach's discretion, the coach/coaches are reminded that traveling basketball's purpose is to provide skill development, game experience, and a positive experience to each member of a team during each game. 

Q: What is the program's stance on conflicts with other sports, religion, etc?

Parents set the priorities for their families. The Association is sensitive to these issues; however, when deciding whether or not to participate in traveling basketball, parents and players should take into consideration their ability to commit to attending practices and games. Sunday games are an unfortunate necessity given the demands on facilities. If your daughter will be unable to participate in the majority of practices and / or games then traveling may not be right for her. We recognize and support students participating in multiple sports / activities. We ask that during the basketball traveling season that players commit to basketball in fairness to their teammates, i.e. do not skip basketball practice to attend practice for a out of season sports.