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1st & 2nd Grade Program

2018-19 In-House Girls Basketball - 1st and 2nd Grade

In-house offers a low key, developmental league for players with 3 on 3 for 1st and 2nd Grade.

  • There are 1-2 weeknight practices starting in November

  • Games played Saturday Mornings:  12/1, 12/8, 12/15 (Holiday Break), 1/5 1/12, 1/19, 1/26

    Cost: $125 Includes Jersey



Lakeville South Girls Basketball - 1ST / 2ND Grade In House Game Schedule


1st / 2nd   Grade

Game Length / Time:

  • Game Length: Games will be 8 periods – each @ 4 minutes running time.
  • Half Time: After the 4th period
  • Time Outs: as needed, we are teaching the game of basketball
  • Warm Ups: Each team will be given a minimum of three minutes to warm up prior to tip-off. More time will be allowed if possible.


  • Game will be played 3 on 3.
  • Each player will play and sit, as close as possible, an equal amount of time for each game played.
  • Substitutions will be made AFTER every 4 min. period.  
  • Match-up at center court as quick as possible. 


  • Game Balls:  The league will provide game basketballs. We will use the 28.5” basketball.
  • Uniforms:   Jersey tops must be of identical color.
  • Basket Rim Height:   9 feet.
  • Clocks need to be set up by coaches (located in storage room)


  • There is NO score kept at this level.

General Rules:

  1. Basic Violations: Resulting in loss of possession: Excessive traveling, Excessive double dribble.   Excessive holding on to the ball before passing.  Please work with the referee on       these calls. Please remember the grade level.
  2. First possession is determined by a jump ball.  All subsequent possessions are alternated        based on the first possession.
  3. No "Intentional' blocked shots.  Girls can stand in front of player with their arms straight up, but          not reach in and block shots. Girls may “help out” on defense if in the lane.
  4. No stealing the ball from the girls.  Stealing of a pass is allowed….Not off the dribble!.
  5. Teams may not  press. Defense starts at half-court.
  6. Teams may not intentionally double-team or “trap” the ball. Incidental trapping as a result of      player “clumping” will not be penalized. A player may “help out” if a player breaks away to the   basket.
  7. Only Man-To-Man defense is allowed.  No zone defense is allowed.
  8. Ejection Policy: Any coach, player or spectator arguing with a referee will receive one warning before being asked to leave a contest.  Any “unsportsmanlike conduct” (verbal abuse of players or coaches, repeated abuse of the officials, use of profane language, etc) will result in dismissal from game and consideration of dismissal from future league activities.  Poor    behavior will not be tolerated.
  9. Coach position: Each coach should coach from under a hoop to help with inbounds and placement of players.  Please also have a coach or cougar buddy on the bench with the players to help them understand what is happening on the court.
  10. No double screens on the ball